The Uncommon Approach

To ensure your online success, the Uncommon Websites & Business Solutions has mastered an elaborated process in which we deliver comprehensive business solutions.

  • Analyze

    Before we even start thinking about registering your domain, or drafting your websites blueprint, we want to learn more about you, your goals and your needs. We want to understand your business, the products or services you offer, the needs of your customers, and your competitors. We want to know what are your goals and your targets to create the most effective strategy for your business.

  • Define Solution

    Define custom made solution, encompassing both products and services. The products are defined in terms of site architecture, proposed features and wireframe design of the site. The long term service plan defines domain registration, website management, hosting, performance monitoring, SEO and maintenance needs. Define specific performance targets and implementation strategy.

    To address the needs of your business, we develop a comprehensive online strategy, which puts together all the pieces of a successful project:

    • Full Service Domain Registration

      Based on your goals and objectives, we suggest available domain names that are easy to remember, relevant to your business and that would perform well with search engines. Even though the domain becomes your intellectual property, as part of the package we provide ongoing maintenance and ensure compliance with all ICANN regulations.

    • Full Service Hosting

      Our servers use state of the art hardware and software designed to perform at blazing speed and deliver uninterrupted performance in any circumstances. In fact, we use not one, but many mirrored data centers distributed throughout the world to ensure your website is fast and accessible from any place on our planet. We maintain and frequently upgrade our servers to make sure we stay at the cutting edge of technology and provide protection from hacking, virus and malware attacks.

    • Web Development

      All our sites are custom made using very strict web technologies. We develop applications that meet all your business needs: from static pages, through contact forms, integrated payment solutions, content management systems, ecommerce stores, to most advanced and custom build web applications.

    • Responsive Web Design

      In today's world, people browse websites on a myriad of devices with varying resolutions and screen sizes. We design our sites using standard web technologies, making sure user's browsing experience is always enjoyable, no matter the device. To achieve best results we employ a process known as progressive enhancements. We create the design at the lowest resolution and add features as the device's screen sizes grow. For existing sites, we use the reverse, process known as graceful degradation, where we subtract elements as the screen resolution shrinks.

    • Optimization

      We make sure the website is not only visually appealing, but also that it is loading fast and that the search engines notice it. We optimize the content for your Customers. We strive to make the graphical user interface consistent, responsive and pretty. We want to provide your Customers with the best experience. We optimize the content for speed and responsiveness. We ensure the code is light weight, loading in the right sequence, and use disperssed content delivery networks for simultaneous page loading. We optimize the content for search engines. We redact your text and make certain it is saturated with relevant keywords to ensure high placing in the search engine results for targeted words and phrases.

    • Validation

    • Monitor Results

    • Ongoing Maintenance

  • Implement

    In a multistep, interactive development process, we present and agree on the final site architecture, features and design with the Customer.

    • Preliminary Design

      In this step the site design is defined using wireframes, features and functionality are mapped using flow diagrams. The package is reviewed with the Customer in a Preliminary Design Review. The final document becomes a roadmap for the Final Design.

    • Final Design

      In this step the site’s final design and functionality are developed. The final product of this phase is a fully functional website stored in a temporary location.

    • Validation

      This is by far the most important step in the process. The Customer is given access to the temporary site and within given period of time is able to test the functionality and request minor changes. At the end of that phase, the site is transferred over to its permanent location.

  • Monitor

    Ongoing performance monitoring process in which the actual results are compared with the agreed upon targets. Any deviations are analyzed and once root causes are uncovered, corrective actions are defined and deployed.